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How Website Color and Images Affect Psychology

Plus How Voucher Codes Can Help.

Apart from clear navigation, web design should also be able to hold the attention your site visitors for the longest time possible, leading them down the conversion channel and quietly urging them to take whatever action you have in mind as the goal of your website. You can only entice readers for so long with a voucher or some other freebie. The visual make-up of your site also needs to hold your reader.

Color holds an enormous grip on our attitudes and emotions and because web design should have an influence over people’s behavior, it is only important to consider the psychology of color when designing your website. Color defines how the public perceive your brand and what you stand for. Nevertheless, the ultimate question remains, what is the right color for my brand for maximum impact?  Take advantage of the psychology of color in web design. Click here for on your web hosting!

Color and conversion

It is undoubtedly true that there is a strong connection between color and the call to buy. Every time you see a color, the brain goes through a series of reactions, which triggers emotions that affect your behavior. In fact, more than 60% of purchasing decisions are attached on the influence of color. What this means for your business is, understanding the psychology of color will considerably improve the conversion rate on your website.  Here is some more information on the psychology of color.

Where to Use Color?

Color is ubiquitous, but you need to be careful when using color in pop-ups, headlines, background hues, borders, call for action buttons, and web banners. Similarly, remember, the target audience influences the choice of colors you use in these key areas.

Choosing the Right Color for your audience

Color is tricky, and you have to use it right and with the right audience, for the right purpose. Any color you choose sparks a different kind of emotion and it is important to learn how you can take advantage of that. For instance is your website is selling makeup, the target group is women. Using various shades of purplish or pinkish background, will not only be alluring, but also give a sense of sophistication for the target audience. On the other hand, if your company’s core values stand for transparency and trust, then blue is probably the right color for you.

Contrast and Brightness

Brightness plays a significant role in the success of a website. It is also widely accepted that women are more attracted to soft colors, while men prefer brighter colors. However, learn to balance where need be. For instance, contrary to their preference of soft colors, when it comes to their children, women want brighter colors. Contrast on the other hand improves the readability of your website. Honestly, no one wants to keep on struggling to read what is written in your website. Bottom line is, the scheme of color you choose for your website can break or make your website. Before launching your website or when redesigning, analyze your website from your perspective of a user and you will understand what is right or wrong for your website.

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